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 Man in Crisis with a Knife,  Avon Police Department June 30, 2022

BolaWrap Deployed June 03 2022  Northern York Police Pennsylvania

 " Do you think they hurt? They Didn't Hurt"

BolaWrap Remote Restraint Device Deployments by Florida Officers  

Non-Compliant Subject Walking Down the Middle of a Busy Road


Now over 800 Police Agencies in the United States and 54 Countries have the 

BolaWrap Remote Restraint Device

Canadian Police across the country are awaiting Provincial approvals

In The News

FIFA World CUP 2023- Qatar Officers to carry BolaWRAP ​​​ 

November 02   Iqaluit Nunavut  Peace Officers host demonstration.

September 30,   DRDC ( Defense Research Development Canada ) Canadian Safety & Security Program being approached by Provincial Governing bodies overseeing Police Equipment, to have the BolaWrap reviewed. 

August 7 -9  Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Conference -Quebec City.  BolaWrap and WRAP Reality Law Enforcement training are showcased

June 2022 - Nova Scotia Department of Justice review the BolaWrap for their Provinces Law Enforcement agencies

April 28, 2022 -  British Columbia  "Transforming Police & Community Safety" report include the BolaWrap Remote Restraint as a tool  that would assist Officers. 

March 31, 2022 - Instructor Training for the BolaWrap 100 & 150 devices at Abbotsford Police in British Columbia.  BC Provincial Policing Standards in Attendance.

January 2022 - Three BolaWrap Instructors were certified at Annapolis Royal Police, Nova Scotia

December 15, 2021 - Ottawa Police Service host Demonstration.

December 01, 2021 - Annapolis Police Service host Demonstration.

November 04, 2021 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police classify the BolaWrap 150.

October 25, 2021 - Sainte Anne Police Service are the First Police Service in Canada to train all Officers on the BolaWrap Remote Restraint Device. 

October 14, 2021 - Sainte Anne Police Service in Manitoba host Demonstration.

September 27 2021 - Ville de Quebec Service de Police host BolaWrap Demonstration.

August 2021- Royal Canadian Mounted Police classify the BolaWrap® Remote Restraint Device as EXEMPT.

Abbottsford Police Service complete their testing of the Bolawrap® Remote Restraint Device with Great Success.

Edmonton Police Service complete their testing of the BolaWrap® Remote Restraint Device with Great Success.

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May 05 2021  Mom calls Police for Son in Mental Crisis

Another Successful Deployment of Bolawrap. No One is Hurt

Man in Crisis successfully detained with a BolaWrap® Remote Restraint  

April 29 2021 

Wrap Reality is Here !    A Ne​w​er Way to Train Law Enforcement

How the BolaWrap Remote Restraint Device can be Utilized

The New BolaWrap 150 is now in Canada

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Report on the Efficacy and Safety of BolaWrap® Remote Restraint Device

Use of force experts place BolaWrap® 

lower on the Use of Force Continuum than handcuffs and recommended the

 BolaWrap® should be carried by all frontline Officers.



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